Naiakitsu, the bold basic clothes to transform.

If there is a common thread at Naiakitsu, it is the singularity, the audacity, the expression of your personality through clothing.


We have created for you 5 timeless pieces that can be accessorized to suit your mood and your desires. Assume your style, your image, thanks to Naiakitsu.


You can dress stylishly (in men’s, women’s or teenagers’ collection) with :


  • The T-shirt 
  • The Shirt
  • The Polo Shirt
  • The Marinière (Stripy Shirt with timeless and stylish absolute)
  • The Hoodie and zipped Hoodie (to combine style, comfort and personalization)

You wonder how to shape and transform a garment without constantly buying new pieces?


You don’t need scissors to adjust your garment. No, our secret is the accessory !


Naiakitsu accessories for timless affirmed


At Naiakitsu, we have at heart to offer you quality, durable pieces, made in France. Beautiful pieces, for a daring style.


Your style evolves thanks to our little extra pieces: the accessory!  Thanks to our accessories, you transform your Naiakitsu “ marinière” easily with buttons! Add :

  • a collar
  • Sleeves
  • Cuffs
  • Bracelets
  • a Hoodie

Compose your look, accessorize as you wish for several versions of your “marinière”: street with its hood, or chic with its cuffs. 


 The accessories are interchangeable on all the pieces of our Naiakitsu collections. One piece, accessories, thousand possibilities.



Clothing made in France by Naiakitsu

We wanted to play with our clothes, to open a field of possibility but without compromising the quality. 

Adopt our clothes for the style, fund for the unique customization, made in France! 

Allow yourself to express your uniqueness, your creativity through your look.

It’s up to you to define (or assert) your own dress codes according to… your dressing desires! 

With Naiakitsu, everything is possible (or almost).