One Garment + Accessories = Dozens possible clothes !
Buy Less, Better and Smart in a high-end Minimalism !
The Bold Basics

About Naiakitsu

By Naiakitsu, Become who you are.

Fashion needs creativity without codes and that adapts to who you are.
In a word, make a garment a sum of possibilities  !
To do well,  NAIAKITSU relies on this equation : 
  • You and us are a Clan
  • Our collection and your choices creat  a unique garment
  • Quality and values with a French Know-how
  • Bénédicte + Alexandre = a couple 
We are taking the time to do it right.
Our  instinct guides us in our choices.
We believe in the wealth and strength of difference
Together, we will spread friendliness around us.
Naiakitsu deviens qui tu es

Naiakitsu, by Bénédicte et Alexandre

Naiakitsu defends creativity.
That of a unique brand that offers its customers to become one.
A line of convertible clothes to fit who you are.
The possibility for our customers to participate in the creation of garments by joining the NAIAFACTORY !
Naiakitsu defends Human.
“become who you are”, is the expression of a conviction, values of work, respect of human at work, that translates into our clothes to inspire a way of life.
Naiakitsu defends the Made in France in the footsteps of the rich history of Frenche fashion.
A wardrobe revisited, designed and made in France to create value and make sense.

Naiakitsu and the Dragonfly

Comment s'habiller made in France et être stylé
For those who wonder where the name Naiakitsu comes from.
it is composed of 2 complementary words :  
  • Akitsu, which means Dragonfly in ancient Japenese.
  • Naia, short of dwarf, this insect living in water before becoming a dragonfly.
It symbolizes both parts of a solution, an idea, such the complementarity of our brand and the creativity of our customers. 

Joins us in the Naiafactory to bring your creativity to your Naiakitsu brand ! 

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Merci, à très bientôt ! - Thanks, see you soon !

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