Lightweight jersey T-shirt for men and polo bracelets



Our straps in organic cotton gots, allow you to give an original side to your t-shirt. Plays with colors and effects of overlays.
The bracelets are also compatible with Naiakitsu polos and allow you to add a material effect.

With this bracelet and your T-Shirt or NAIAKITSU Polo, you can get 2 versions of T-shirt “BIO” and 2 versions of Polo. From a garment made in France NAIAKITSU = 2 or 4 versions of garment possible with these bracelets.

Here begins if you want, the adventure in NAIAFACTORY, where you can finally create and participate in the life of a brand, the life of NAIAKITSU.

You can play with our 3D configurator, to visualize the rendering of your garment with these bracelets.